How BigCommerce Serves Enterprise E-Commerce Businesses.

How BigCommerce Serves Enterprise E-Commerce Businesses.

How BigCommerce Serves Enterprise E-Commerce Businesses:

BigCommerce Serves Enterprise E-Commerce Businesses

Agile Commerce is a concept that is being adopted by companies on a large scale. It is not simply a strategy that enterprises practice, but is rather a whole new way of thinking in the business world, which has helped companies increase their flexibility and meet the customers’ needs quickly as end goals.

BigCommerce Enterprise E-Commerce

As one of the leading Saas eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce has been a preferred choice for companies that adopted the “lean thinking” principles due to several reasons:

  • Site Security – It is important to have your eCommerce up and running the entire time, since even several minutes of your site being online can result in large revenue losses annually.
  • Additionally, you need to take care of the sensitive data you receive from your users, so the information will not fall into the wrong hands.

BigCommerce has their own hosting with security as a top priority. Their multi-level security system includes several security measures, such as server-specific firewalls, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection software, and human monitoring.

Additionally, the PCI 1 Compliance ensures you and your customers that sensitive data such as their credit card number will be kept safe.

  • Site Speed –  What users do not want to see is a website which is taking forever to load. If your website is slow, chances are that the customer will leave the website and never visit it again.

BigCommerce offers stable hosting services with no delays in the response time.

For high traffic volume events, BigCommerce serves enterprise e-commerce businesses by offering the option to have their team test and optimize your website up front, so you can be sure it can handle a large volume of traffic without any delays or malfunctions.

  • Scalability – Running a successful business means that it will grow and change over time. If that is the case with your business, then you will find that your hosted solution for a website no longer suits you and that you would need a new website. SaaS platforms such as BigCommerce allow you to add or remove functions according to your needs, without having to hire a developer who will add and develop the functions from scratch.
  • Customizability – Redesigning your website or adding new functions may take you a lot of time and resources. Saas eCommerce platforms, as Agile Commerce enablers, give you the opportunity to make fast changes and keep your website up-to-date.

BigCommerce Enterprise examples 


As a US leading company with a global presence, Cargill’s Inc marketing team was looking to build a self-service platform for their sales/marketing members so they would, among others:

  • Provide a more efficient and effective way to uptake the US marketing team’s project requests from their sales’ consultants and retail customers, as well as support customer sub-segmentation.
  • Build a one stop shop for US business retail customers to request marketing products/services.
  • Provide better online marketing and website data intelligence to Cargill’s marketing team and other stakeholders in order to improve decision making.

At this point, it is clear the relationship between the easy-fit between the client’s need and BigCommerce’s SaaS platform to easily scale their business’ non-core functions to a new level of efficiency.

Again, this is a case where scalability and integrations are successfully achieved through BigCommerce’s platform.

The bigger your store and your worldwide presence, the more complex the challenge you’ll need to face when thinking about fitting it to fast-paced market demands, specially if we’re talking about variables like security, site speed, customizations and back-end scalability that translates into a more engaging and tailored customer experience that brings in more revenue.

BigCommerce Serves Enterprise E-Commerce Businesses as a SaaS platform that allows large enterprise merchants to test out and go to market much faster and cheaper than if they were to use a hosted solution, which demands much more resources in terms of time and money.

If that’s the case, what normally happens is that merchants would be reluctant of change despite the value and competitive advantage that such change could represent for the business, at least until some time has passed by, and unfortunately, it might be too late by then.

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