Five Things Missing From Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Five Things Missing From Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

1. A Focus on Mobile

Digital Marketing Strategy for mobile consistently remains absent from most yearly plans. Year after year, the  number of people who own and use devices continues to increase, it is vital that business re-evaluate their mobile efforts. Thus, it is important to think about mobile as it relates to your customer’s journey.  Should mobile be the first touch-point on a more complex customer journey? Will a mobile friendly site be enough? Or does your business and customer require a more robust app?

2. User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) already takes a special role in your business whether you know it or not. NOW is the time to focus on developing and curating meaningful content. Whether you focus on reviews, community blog posts,  social media or igniting a Reddit community – now is the time to pay attention. Consumers consider UGC to be 20% more influential and 35% more memorable than branded messages. They also are 50% more likely to find UGC trustworthy as opposed to branded advertising.

3. Storytelling

They say content is king, but without a compelling story, it isn’t going  reach consumers. Take a look at your content strategy and identify how you’re telling your company’s story. Industry leaders say that content marketing is becoming overhyped – but we believe that’s because it’s rare to find an organization that does it well.

Find what’s interesting about your organization and start there. Build an entire campaign around an interesting idea, theme, or concept and you’ll have a compelling story that consumers relate to in no time.

4. New Pricing Strategy

Most eCommerce businesses never run a test on their pricing. This of course negatively affects their digital marketing strategy plans. While it’s a safe assumption that most customers always choose the lowest price, it’s simply an assumption. Studies have shown in certain merchandising situations consumers are more likely to choose a higher priced item.
Throughout the year, run a few pricing tests: remove the dollar sign, feature products that end with 9, create decoy bundles, and place price anchors on landing pages.

5. Holiday Planning

It’s never too early to plan for the holidays. With Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales continuing to climb each year, not only does this make a bigger case for #1 of this list, but it also further shows consumers have even more options. Outline your holiday strategy now and tailor it throughout the year, so your store has the infrastructure to stand out.
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