eCommerce Platform Must-Haves

eCommerce Platform Must-Haves

e-commerce platform features

E-commerce Platform features : Gone are the days when the shopping cart was the most complex element of an eCommerce site. Now, consumer demand for rich and relevant shopping experiences requires merchants to explore the outer limits of eCommerce and its overlap with content, cross-device capabilities, localization technologies, social media and other frontiers.

Today’s list of must-haves of e-commerce platform features:

1. Mobile Performance

To take advantage of the surge in mobile usage, merchants must develop mobile offerings that are visually rich, comprehensive in their information and user-friendly when it comes to transactions and interactions with customer service. E-Commerce platform features NEED to include this.

Nearly half of all consumers reported reverting to brands’ desktop sites while using their mobile devices, despite legibility issues, precisely because they wanted access to the full product offering and feature set available on the flagship sites.

2. Content Management

The rise of mobile devices as a shopping research tool, ubiquitous social connector, and pocket- sized content generator for consumers means that merchants have more opportunities than ever for brand and product storytelling on a variety of screens – not to mention a potential treasure trove of user-generated content on which to draw.

Content represents one of a brand’s best opportunities to articulate its uniqueness by demonstrating a keen understanding of the target audience’s needs and how the brand can provide relevant solutions.

3. Customer Service

Shoppers expect brands to present a unified experience regardless of where they shop. This means call center and live chat reps, social media customer service specialists and store associates are expected to pick up the conversation where shoppers left off on the site and to recognize past online buyers as the potentially loyal customers they are.

4. Security

Even as the sophistication of shoppers increases, insecurity about data security remains a chief hurdle to purchasing online. Thanks to a series of high-profile security breaches since late 2013, from Target to Neiman Marcus to Michael’s to Home Depot, shoppers are jittery about the safety of their transactions, with repercussions for merchants’ bottom line.

5. Measurement of Success

Any eCommerce platform investment should include the means to track its success – and nowadays, capturing a comprehensive picture of online ROI is trickier than ever, so merchants must dive deep into vendor capabilities to ensure that they’ll be able to analyze and report on growth and identify opportunities for improvement.

In the era of rapid online innovation, merchants need more than an upgraded shopping cart solution; they need a solid platform to serve as the foundation for their business and a technology partner to enhance their business with experience and technical know-how.

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