our work

Achieve Atlanta

We helped to connect the Atlanta youth with key stakeholders and opportunities to access and graduate from college, at rates over 500%.

The Challenge

Achieve Atlanta, a non-profit organization needed to find a way to simultaneously tell its story to three different stakeholders: parents, students and the community around them. Plum Tree achieved this by providing a full UX service and by creating a unique content strategy. Also, the client wanted to create a network that connected other program partners, also involved in helping the Atlanta youth. Thus, Plum Tree had to build a site which would serve as medium to highlight some of Achieve Atlanta‘s key program partners, and to identify new ones.

Services provided

Content Mapping

UX Service

Web Design

Integration with Salesforce

Ongoing Support

the results

We helped Achieve Atlanta to increase their partner network by over 300%, and to increase their scholarship applications by over 500%.


increase in partner network size


increase in scholarship applications