our work


We increased member retention rate by implementing a new design concept and successfully integrating their email and management system.

The Challenge

Bobeau is a versatile fashion label company and one of Nordstrom’s top selling brands. Our main goal at Plum Tree was to create a successful multi-site experience for the main site and its two side brands. One of our biggest challenges was creating from start to finish a new branding concept for CrewOutlets, its secondary brand, without compromising our ERP management implementation and email marketing integration efforts. Plum Tree Group also re-designed the main site after a deep analysis in site functionality and user experience. Our team’s creativity and attention to detail made it possible to create a successful multi-site platform and experience for new users.

Services provided

Logo & Branding (CrewOutlets)

Re-design for the Primary Brand

ERP and Email Integration

the results

We helped Bobeau increase their member retention with a fresh new design and a succesful multi-site platform implementation.