our work


Through a custom subscription service, we helped Pupjoy to increase its number of subscribers and to expand its product mix within their first year.

The Challenge

Pupjoy: This company caters to the pet parent of today, and provides dog lovers the ability to either purchase à-la-carte ítems for their pet or to subscribe to their monthly subscription box, where joy arrives in the form of a different treat for their pet. Plum Tree helped pupjoy to deliver this value proposition by building out a subscription service that was unique to the type of pet that the user has, and by integrating to it custom payments, based on the user’s preferred frequency of delivery. Also, we provided some initial support in regards to branding and marketing.

Services provided


Web Design

Web Development

UX Service


Ecommerce Consulting

the results

We helped Pupjoy to have over 200 subscribers within their 1st year and to expand their product mix by over 200%.


subscribers on year 1


increase in their product mix size