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eCommerce Development

Website Desgining

Experience Design

In laymen’s terms, our brand strategists help our clients answer the following questions: What do you want to say? Who do you want to say it to? When, Where & How do you want to say it? This is important in identifying our E-Commerce Digital Marketing Services offerings.

eCommerce Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Effective social media is more than just posting stuff online; it’s a discipline. Through Social Media, we help you focus on growing brand awareness, generating leads, and engaging consumers with your brand. And the best part, it’s all measurable.

Omnichannel Strategy

Product Marketing

Plum Tree provides a full service Marketing practice encompassing Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Shopping Feed Management. We often handle some of the most complex search campaigns in the industry.

eCommerce Analytics

Data-Driven Analytics

Affiliate Marketing is employed in some fashion or another by almost every large successful brand. However, navigating this industry can be time consuming and complex. Our Affiliate Marketing practice helps our clients identify an affiliate strategy, goals and lays out an action plan on how to manage and cultivate a profitable affiliate network.

Ecommerce Technologies

Creative Technology

Plum Tree’s display advertising solutions enable clients to manage to a targeted ROI, leverage display data, and utilize advanced retargeting technology to drive revenue and increase conversions.

eCommerce Website Optimization

Plum Tree will often provide Experiential Marketing as a component of a comprehensive program. Our goal is to engage the consumers 5 senses to create a memorable and emotional connection with the brand.

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